World Cup Analytics


As the world cup 2018 is approaching , I thought it might be useful to have fun showing  some exciting data analysis regarding the world cup history using the powerful data analytical tool Microsoft Power BI 😊.

Showing the historical data analysis was an exciting activity, I started by collecting data sources showing world cup hosting countries, match results, who went to finals, staging phases, number of goals, cup winners, etc.

The data itself was challenging, as the data sources I found available for free on the interest was in an unstructured format, this was the first challenge, to format the data in a shape that can be used in later stages.



I also thought it will be beneficial to add some additional information about the countries ( the host countries and the cup winner countries) so I added an additional online data source for the countries showing ( the country areas, population, ..etc.)

Then it came that adding the flags of the countries as visuals will be an added value to our world cup analysis. – this was the third data source.

Getting all the data , it will be also beneficial to add the tournaments logos, to our data sources.

The second step was to do some data cleaning to prepare the data for analysis.




The third challenge was creating a relationship between those scattered data sources to form a layer of intelligence



Then came the interesting step of visualizing the results and showing the final product of the world cup data visualization exercise.

You can find the design file available

on the power bi user group